Antonio De Marco Studio - About
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Me & my work

Antonio De Marco Studio - About

Antonio de Marco (1983) has been involved in mechanics and carpentry since he was very young; are areas that represent for him a constant stimulus to seek, create and experience new ways of transforming matter. Passionate about how things are done, the elements they make up, to what and to whom they serve; the objects he designs have the ambition not to fade over time, but to sediment in the memory of the one who uses them.

He studied at the Politecnico di Milano at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and holds a master at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.

In addition to design activity he teaches in the Design Methodology Master of Milan’s NABA and Design Polytechnic School.

In 2009 he is one of the founders of 4P1B design studio.

Since June 2017 he opened his new studio “Antonio de Marco Studio”, where he continued research and experimentation within design; a place where to think through his hands.